Thank you listeners!
In 2016 and 2017, my songs were streamed over 15 million times on Pandora, Spotify. Apple Music and more.  
Thank you!

New Album is here!

Flutist Charly Drobeck and I released "References, Romps and Reverence" in March, 2017.  This album features some wild "romps,"  both cover of standards and originals, as well as some soft and sweet pieces.  Sample or buy them here on the "Purchase Music" page.


Welcome to my site.  When I practice, play, or record, my intention is that every note,  and the space in between,  touches my heart . . .  and, I hope, yours.    Thank you for listening to this music. I invite you to write in our blog, or email, and connect on Facebook too. And please "Share" with your friends. This helps to spread the word. 

And I give thanks to wonderful vocal coach and photographer Cathleen Wilder for nearly all of the photos on this site.


A Variation on Pachelbel's Canon in D


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So grateful for iTunes' 800 million customers!

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