Variations On Pachelbel's Canon in D (2014)

Michael John Hall

This soft and slow free-form version of Pachelbel's (sometimes spelled Pachabel) Canon in D is the perfect wedding song. "I am surrounded by love" wrote one fan. Hall's style brings peace, rest, ease.

Hall's 2009 "Variations on Pachabel's Canon" from his "Dashing Through the Snow" CD is on of the top sellers of that cong on iTunes. This 2014 recording is free-form and tender and could be THE perfect wedding song. The soft, solo piano of Michael John Hall has touched and brought peace to millions around the world. Whether in holiday or Christmas classics like his "Variations on Pachelbel's Canon in D" (2009 and this 2104 recordings) or rock classics like "We are the Champions" or "Ground Control to Major Tom," Hall's loving touch lets listeners rest and exhale. His holiday album, "Dashing Through the Snow" won "Best Piano Christmas CD of 2010" and his cover of Bowie's "Ground Control to Major Tom" has downloaded in every corner of the world. Hall's original theme music is featured on the AgeNation nationally syndicated radio program.

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