Michael John Hall Live in the Land of Enchantment

Michael John Hall

Hall's 4th solo piano CD. Hall always plays peacefully, but in this CD he brings his tender piano solos and also sings several sweet, child-like songs, sure to touch your heart.

Lower the lights, put your headphones on, and let this music carry you away to the Heart of Life. In this fourth solo piano CD, recorded live in December, 2011 at The Source in Albuquerque and at the La Tienda Performance Space in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Michael John Hall continues to bring us his deeply heart-felt improvisations of snags we all know and love. But Hall ventured out in this album and innocently sang his favorite what he calls, "songs that call us home." From the Muppets: " The Rainbow Connection," "(It's Not Easy) "Bein Green," Nat King Cole's standard, "Nature Boy." Hall shares two original pieces in the CD, "Listen to the HU," which he wrote in 1975 and "Andrew's Song," dedicated to his son Andrew, and which choked up the audience as well as the artist himself! Hall's music sells throughout the world but ,most importantly, touches hearts. "We listened to you music constantly as my mother was passing. It brought us all peace." "My children go to sleep to your "Dashing Through the Snow" CD ever night!" "You are a magician," wrote a young pianist from France.

And wait until your hear the deep heart of vocalist Shelley Campbell singing Sarah Mclaughlin's "Angel" and Bird York's "In the Deep." Hall felt privileged to share the stage with Shelley. The love flows through singer and pianist in a very special way.

And while audiences weep or sometimes fall into peaceful sleep as he plays, Hall shred a rare side - this CD features two old-fashioned and upbeat classics: "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" and Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm." (Hall suggested healers and massage therapists take these two off their song lists if they want to create a peaceful space!)

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