Dear readers, friends and fans, I will soon be taking to the road FULL-TIME in a motorhome.  From that mobile home base, I wish to share Miles, Music and Meaning: more than a travelogue.  I will share my deepest thoughts, post new music compositions and samples inspired by the locale or the day, post photos and videos from the road less traveled, and even video interviews of people I meet along the way, talking about the meaning of life, or just about meaning.  Mobile satsang. 

Stand by for Miles, Music and Meaning!

My first blog entry on this site . .  and in my life.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has listened to, gifted CDs to friends and family, and shared about me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the rest.  I welcome you writing in this blog, or emailing me from the Contact page.  Thank you.  

With love, 


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