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References, Romps and Reverence
CD Featuring Hall on Piano and Charly Drobeck on Flute

Pianist Michael John Hall and flutist Charly Drobeck have joyfully and reverently brought these classics, standards, lullabies and original improvisations to this CD. From funky and upbeat to soft and sacred, listeners will love this fresh sound!

Midnight Whispers: Songs in the Key of Sleep

The beat of the songs on this album are of a resting heart, to bring ease and sleep.  For insomnia, body work, or putting your baby (or yourself!) to sleep. Even Freddy Mercury's rock classic, "We are the Champions" and David Bowie's "Ground Control to Major Tom"  (Space Oddity) are dreamy. 

Higher Places
My first album.

From "Over the Rainbow," my all-time favorite American classic, and through other songs of "higher places" such as"When You Wish Upon a Star" and Van Morrison's "Moondance" right up to "Ground Control to Major Tom," this CD has become a perennial best seller in the big world of iTunes. Michael's cover of "Ground Control" has sold 15,000 copies, and sales jumped after Ben Stiller's "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" movie was released in December of 2013, which featured Bowie's great song.

Soft & Sacred: Michael John Hall Plays the Beatles

I grew up with the Beatles.  Never will forget watching them on the Ed Sullivan Show on a black and white TV with rabbit ears all crowded in to our family room in 1963.  And again,  I take even their upbeat and rock songs and slow them to their core.  Hope you like these. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" has been very popular.

Dashing Through the Snow
Soft and Peaceful Holiday CD

My second album, released in 2009.  Features the song that inspired me so much - Vince Guaraldi's "Christmastime is Here" from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."  This, like "Over the Rainbow," is a song I play literally every day.  Pandora accepted this CD for their curated collect in 2013 and sales and streams went through the roof and have not slowed since.  Pandora has 80 million subscribers and almost 5 million of them have streamed this CD.  

MJH Live in the Land of Enchantment
Digital album only

My recording engineer Don Meyer recorded back-to-back performances on a Friday night in Albuquerque and Saturday night in Santa Fe.  Many of these tracks are rough - I make mistakes when I play.  And, so far, this is my only album where I dare to sing (on "Rainbow Connection," Being Green" and "Nature Boy").  AND this album has a couple of crazy, rambling upbeat songs, namely Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" and "Route 66."    A Santa Fe artist David LaPlanz attended one of my concerts and proceeded to make a custom piece of jewelry for this CD.  The heart and house on this cover are actually an exquisite piece of enamel jewelry!  Thank you David!  http://www.laplantz.com

Goodnight my Love single
Downloadable single

In the fall of 2014, I set up a simple home recording studio centered around the same Yamaha Grand Touch piano that Don Meyer has in Spirit's Studio in Albuquerque, where the first 6 albums were recorded.  This is a cover of a Jesse Belvin late 1950's classic I grew up with.  I would listen to this song on the radio every Sunday night before I went to sleep.  This single will become part of the "Stairway to Heaven" CD due out in Summer of 2015.

Carol of the Bells single
Downloadable single

This single of this holiday classic will be on my next holiday CD, "Winter Whispers," due out in the fall of 2015. For now, please enjoy this single from iTunes for 99 cents.   The lovely cover photo is by Maliz Ong.  Thank you!

Cover of Jason Mraz' Lucky (single)
Downloadable single

I recorded and released this cover of "Lucky" on October 28, 2014, my sister Nancy Cagen's birthday.  Nancy is a big fan of Jason Mraz (as am I) and I dedicated this one to she, who is a fabulous chiropractor in Brevard, North Carolina. 

CD of the poetry of Teresa E. Gallion with original music by MJH
CD for download

I was SO honored when poet Teresa E. Gallion asked me to compose and play background music for this album  Teresa's poetry is deep and amazing; I love her melodic words and soothing voice.   

Pachelbels Canon in D single
Downloadable single

I recorded free-form rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D (also spelled Pachabel) for the "Dashing Through the Snow" CD (it's our second most downloaded song after "Ground Control to Major Tom").  This later one, recorded just before Christmas, 2014 is also for the "Winter Whispers" album. 

Auld Lang Syne single
Downloadable single

New Year's Eve is so often a hyper and loud time.  This rendition is for the quiet evening on the sofa.  For sitting in front of a warm fire, without hats or streamers.  The cover photo is by Anna Langova.

The Autumn Leaves single
Single for download

Nat King Cole recorded this way back when.  My father used to say, "Nat never made a bad record."  Well, this was one of his greats.  Then I heard a version by Keith Jarrett and his trio.  Amazing.   And the cover - detail of an original water color by the great Mary Carroll Moore.  One of her other pieces also graces the cover of my Danny Boy single.  Mary is also an award-winning writing coach who helped me in my early book-writing days. 

Danny Boy - variations - Single
Downloadable single

Released for St. Patrick's Day, 2013.  This is one of my only recordings from my Petrof grand piano.  All of my others are done on the Yamaha Grand Touch, a $12,000 digital masterpiece of music engineering.  The artwork on this cover is another original water color by the artist Mary Carroll Moore.  (Mary is also an award-winning writing coach who helped me in my early book-writing days.)

Lullaby Variations on Brahms
Single with Michael and Flutist Charly Drobeck

My first collaboration with Charly Drobeck.  Charly is an accomplished performing artist and flute teacher.  Improvising on classics such as Brahms Lullaby with Charly is such a joy.  This single is over 6 minutes long and might hopefully lull you into a deep rest.

The Nearness of You
Single with Michael and Flutist Charly Drobeck

One of THE American standards.  Charly and I are just rambling with this one.  More to come!

The Way You Look Tonight
Single with Michael and Flutist Charly Drobeck

May you enjoy this one of several singles Charly Drobeck and I have released.   

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