Dashing Through The Snow

by Michael Hall

Released 2009
Michael John Hall
Released 2009
Michael John Hall
This is the sweetest, softest holiday CD ever. Light the candles. SIt by the fire. Michael Hall has a unique, heartfelt and moving style. His audience feels his love for the music in every ethereal, joyous note.
"Dashing Through the Snow" is THE holiday album for 2009.

"Destined to become a Christmas Classic!"

"Makes me smile and cry at the same time!"

"Wow ...goose bumps. This hit me deep in my core. Amazing!"

" It will be such a relaxing, soothing winter with this album around."

I just listened again to your CD. You play so lyrically, so consistently "inside" the music. The melody is in you and you in the melody. Very pristine surfaces, like ice and firelight and the reflections off an ornament.

Sooooooo beautiful and sensitive.

Just gorgeous! Thank you for that gift - immediately brought some peace and calm to an already hectic day. Beautiful! Count me in for several to give as Christmas gifts this year! What a gift!

"I just listened to your piano album again, and it is so sweet and soothing that I went into deep contemplation."

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