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References, Romps and Reverence

Pianist Michael John Hall and flutist Charly Drobeck have joyfully and reverently brought these classics, standards, lullabies and original improvisations to this CD. From funky and upbeat to soft and sacred, listeners will love this fresh sound!

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Midnight Whispers: Songs in the Key of Sleep

The beat of the songs on this album are of a resting heart, to bring ease and sleep.  For insomnia, body work, or putting your baby (or yourself!) to sleep. Even Freddy Mercury's rock classic, "We are the Champions" and David Bowie's "Ground Control to Major Tom"  (Space Oddity) are dreamy. 

Midnight Whispers on iTunes

If you want to download this album for your smartphone or iPod, use the iTunes link. If you want a physical CD (there are few left!), go to CDBaby.

Midnight Whispers at CD Baby

Still some actual CDs in inventory at CD Baby.

Midnight Whispers on Pandora

Pandora accepted this CD for their curated collection in November, 2014.  This album is their "Children's" section and I am honored and amazed to see my songs sandwiched between George Winston and Jim Brickman!

Higher Places

From "Over the Rainbow," my all-time favorite American classic, and through other songs of "higher places" such as"When You Wish Upon a Star" and Van Morrison's "Moondance" right up to "Ground Control to Major Tom," this CD has become a perennial best seller in the big world of iTunes. Michael's cover of "Ground Control" has sold 15,000 copies, and sales jumped after Ben Stiller's "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" movie was released in December of 2013, which featured Bowie's great song.

Higher Places at iTunes
Higher Places CD at CD Baby

There are still physical CDs in inventory at CDBaby.  Without CDBaby, none of my albums would be available to the entire planet.  Thank you!

Soft & Sacred: Michael John Hall Plays the Beatles

I grew up with the Beatles.  Never will forget watching them on the Ed Sullivan Show on a black and white TV with rabbit ears all crowded in to our family room in 1963.  And again,  I take even their upbeat and rock songs and slow them to their core.  Hope you like these. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" has been very popular.

Soft & Sacred: MJH Plays the Beatles

Don't have any physical CDs of this one left.  Just downloads.

MJH:Soft & Sacred Beatles -iTunes

Dashing Through the Snow

My second album, released in 2009.  Features the song that inspired me so much - Vince Guaraldi's "Christmastime is Here" from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."  This, like "Over the Rainbow," is a song I play literally every day.  Pandora accepted this CD for their curated collect in 2013 and sales and streams went through the roof and have not slowed since.  Pandora has 80 million subscribers and almost 5 million of them have streamed this CD.  

CD at CD Baby

Still some of these in inventory as physical CDs.  We have donated over 6,000 of these CDs to Operation Gratitude, which sends ehm in care packages to the troops.  

On Pandora

As stated earlier, Pandora accepted this album in to its curated collection in 2013 and it has been streamed there 5 million times!

Dashing Through the Snow on iTunes

Of course, digital downloads at iTunes don't run out.  Enjoy!  And thank you!